Wedding rings by Mohan


Wedding rings are the memory of the most beautiful day of your life. That is why it is important that you pay attention and attention to it. A strong design makes it a joy to wear your rings every day. Mohan Chandie Shaw personally goes along on this quest and discusses all options and possibilities so that the wedding couple get the perfect rings that suit them.

Don’t settle for rhodium white gold anymore. Do not believe the jeweler and goldsmith who says that real white gold does not exist because it is made of yellow gold. It does exist and that is 19kt ultra white gold from Argen.
— Mohan Chandie Shaw

Mohan Chandie Shaw is the first goldsmith in the Netherlands to work with Argen ultra white gold in his wedding rings. All white gold rings are therefore rhodium free. That means that these 19kt ultra white gold wedding rings are really white in color and therefore cannot discolour like all other wedding rings that are rhodium plated. These rings are also harder than palladium white gold wedding rings from the major wedding ring brands.