Create your own style, you will be stronger
— Mohan Chandie Shaw

Rules for jewels

1.      It is your piece of jewelry, so your jewelry must also suit you. Don't get distracted by the hype of the day and choose a style that suits you completely.

2.      Just like you pay attention to the color combination in your clothing choice, you do the same with the color combination of the gems that you choose. for example the color of your skin, hair and eyes.

3.      Try to prevent the whole from becoming too messy. Therefore, choose one color precious metal or a maximum of two.

4.      Traditionally it is "not done" to wear a watch to a gala. After all, it is the intention that you have a great time there and keeping an eye on time is therefore not necessary. This is of course not necessary, but it is advisable to wear an elegant watch instead of a large and robust one.

5.      Your jewelry is dear to you. It was purchased for a special moment and therefore deserves special treatment. Wear jewelry as jewelry, and preferably not as a utensil.

6.      Keep them in a specially designed jewelry box. Another box is of course also allowed, as long as the jewelry cannot damage each other.

7.      A job in the prospect of damaging the jewelry? Take them off, a pity if there is a scratch or dent.

8.     Give your jewelry the attention they deserve by not hanging your entire hand or arm full, but by wearing one piece.

9.      Products such as hair spray and makeup can make the jewelry dull and damage it. Only put them on when you are done with make-up and model your hair.

10.  You do well to take off your rings while washing your hands. Soap scraps attach themselves to the rings and the brilliance of the stones kills.

Jewelry needs maintenance. It is therefore wise to have them checked every year by the jeweler or goldsmith. Neglect can cause losing a stone and of course nobody is waiting for that. Also fine, the jeweler or goldsmith can immediately clean them nicely, so that they shine just as much as when you first wore them.