Mohan Chandie Shaw combines high-quality technologies with timeless designs. With his innovative jewelry, he pushes the boundaries within his profession.


Mohan Chandie Shaw is the founder of the company that bears his name. He works in the top segment of the market and that can be seen in every piece of jewelry from his hand. Every jewel is unique, just like the person who can wear it. Mohan was one of the first to combine modern technology with goldsmithing. He saw possibilities for pushing the limits. Mohan is more than a goldsmith and masters all facets of the profession. He designs, visualizes and supervises the implementation of the concept. An architect who turns your aspiration into reality. His designs reflect natural movements through the high-quality materials and techniques. He is the discoverer of the only real white gold in the Netherlands. Together with the customer, the jewel becomes a true individual expression, with its own style and personality. The jewels become one with the wearer.


Portraits by Tertius van Oosthuyzen

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Mohan Chandie Shaw

Master Goudsmid, designer and setter